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OPTRATM - Comprehensive Student Performance Tracking Service through SMS, Email, Web, IVR & Tab

OPTRATM has a proven record in bringing decisive change in the overall performance of a student. It helps in tracking overall performance of a student and can answer any particular query from both the parents as well as the institution related to it.

OPTRATM ensures that all necessary information is exchanged and the student is effectively tracked for performance by acting as a third eye and keeping a strict vigilance.

OPTRATM track via SMS, Email, IVR, Tab & Web in real time

This is one stop solution that provides parents, access to student information such as Marks, Attendance, Announcements and other notifications from time to time in REAL TIME.

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Our Services
  • Relationship Manager
  • 24X7 Customer Service
  • Data entry Service
  • Self branded messages (SMS, Email, Web)
  • Print & Deliver Reports
  • IVR Service with Five Languages
  • Real time updates thru SMS
  • Mobile Apps
  • Parent Awareness
Optra Laptop ,Mobile & Tablet Environment

OPTRATM is compatible for all browsers

Responsive - Professional - Feature Full

OPTRATM is mobile friendly. We have taken into consideration the current generation trend of using mobile devices extensively. OPTRATM platform and interfaces are tuned to these devices to give better reach and accessibility. It works on a small mobile screen till very large projection systems.

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