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Student Online Performance TRAcking

OPTRATM Features

INZ Axis is a reputed name in the world of product development companies, which has specialized in designing, building and deploying innovative SaaS based applications for the Indian Education Segment. INZ Axis was unveiled to the world in the year 2009, post successful experiments in the stealth mode for a few years. Our flagship product OPTRA is a huge success, transforming how institutions and parents communicate with each other. iLearn, eVal and mySchoolz are few other products tailor made for this segment.

Our focus has remained on mastering the art of building scalable solutions addressing simple needs of schools and colleges in India. We continue to build more products, innovate on a constant basis, and do our best to contribute to a better, much more accessible education system.


The busiest and painstaking time for any educational institute in today’s context is handling the admission and the procedure of selecting students to its institutes based on various parameters, this eventually needs a dedicated team to do. We at INZ AXIS clearly understand and hence this module is prepared which will help you in paperless admission procedure. Its very user friendly which ensures that any person can enter data and this module helps him in selecting and eliminating applications, this module gives flexibility to set various parameters of selection and can have simple and pain free process of admission.


The Collection of fees is just one function of the educational institute, the back end starts with maintaining ledgers which show data with regard to fees paid, how many students have paid, are there any balance amount to be collected, this work of maintaining becomes hectic with staff getting involved in doing this laborious work. This module helps you to set reminders for balance collection of fees and also giving you clarity with reconciliation of accounts which will ease your work and save time.

Exam & Marks

With changes in academic standards and patterns which are followed by both Central and State government which controls all the educational institutes, we also continuously update with our academic reports and incorporating changes. We provide Formative Assessment Marks cards and Summative Assessment as per CCE marks card with print and also the module helps the teachers to just enter marks and the grades are automatically calculated with remarks. This helps the teachers to save time after laborious paper valuation.


Attendance is the most primary form of bringing in discipline in students, we clearly understand this and the due importance to it. This module helps the school management to send Messages to parents on absent of their wards instantly. This Module helps you to just un check the student who is absent as the module will have present by default. Once the teacher un-checks automatically a SMS is trigged to parent with clear mentioning of class, date and time and it is authenticated as it is addressed to individual parent with name. This helps the school save time rather than calling up and informing.

Staff Details

The details of staff both academic and non academic is captured in this module. This module also shows the subjects handled by the respective teachers and there details. This helps school management to communicate with the staff in case of contingencies. Also this module helps in capturing various other data which will be required by school management when Government Bodies ask in for information.


This module provides the most critical data for school management in having clarity with regard to assets that are with school, this module has all the fields which will help educational institutes maintain their inventory, total number of benches or any physical asset details can be entered to have clarity with both movable and immovable assets.


This module helps in maintaining log books of transportation having easy access to provide data with regard to transportation vehicle, when it was purchased, when was it last serviced what was the problem what was the cost incurred and all the details. This module can also be used to send SMS to parents that respective Vehicle carrying their ward has left the school.

Question Paper Generation

Framing questions is the most laborious job a teacher does, this module helps to reduce the burden of the teachers, all it needs is teacher entering questions or can also click the respective lessons from which the questions need to be taken. This module helps in preparing question paper at just a click.

Time Table

This module helps in maintaining the time table of educational institutes, this module plays vital role in sending alerts or reminders to respective teachers about the classes and the subjects they are suppose to teach and what portion needs to be completed with respective time deadlines. IT also acts as calendar of events giving details to management.

Staff Payroll

This module helps in efficiently maintaining staff payroll both Academic and Non Academic, it has all the fields that are required and you can also add as per your requirement, this ensures that there are no printout and paper is saved and the salary slip is also generated online and can be mailed as pdf to respective staff email id.


This module helps in sending Transactional messages to parents from institution about alerts, absentees, marks report cards, time table, holidays, so on and so forth. This module helps you to send instant communication or it can also be triggered at our backend center. This is authenticated Message which carries the signature of principal and also with Mask of Institute name.


This module Dynamically generates email to respective email id of parents with educational institute branding.

IVRS - Inbound & Outbound

This module is very helpful for parents who are on the move or Parents will be provided with a card which is institutional branded having details of the IVR number and ID of their ward which has options in Multilingual languages of Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, English & Malayalam. The parents can check their ward details with a call and going through various options. Also recently with changes in technology has provided us to introduce Out bound IVRS where in the Educational Institute can record message, the parent gets call once on receiving the call the message from the institute is read out. The messages can be welcome message to new parents, greetings etc.

Parent Info Card

Parent info card is provided to every single parent to have contact details of IVRS and Web Login to continuously check and monitor their wards performance.

Web Access for Parent

This module provides web access for parents where in they can login and see various reports and performances of their wards in graphical analysis.

Website of 10 Pages

Website is very essential for any educational institutes as it does the work of first interface with probable parent and education. It also gives educational institute to display its infrastructure and facilities including faculty details and their achievements which enforce confidence in parents who are looking for admissions.

Web Based

This module helps the school to inform parents about their wards absence instantly by login to website and can send messages instantly with both SMS and Email.

7" Tab

Technology has played vital role in shaping up various industry, the same applies to education segment, gone are the days when attendance was taken in register and maintain the register became a cumbersome work. The present technology has enable where in Attendance registers are replaced with a TABLET which the teacher carries to class and login with ID allotted to faculty and automatically the class, section and list of students is shown in tab with default present marked. Once on un checking and submitting a SMS real time alert gets triggered to parent informing about the absence of their ward in institution.


Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification Device are kept at entrance and exit of school so that when students enter these devices send information and mark present and when students are absent automatically message is sent to parent. The normal ID card of school will be attached with RFID card which student carries around his neck.

Staff Awareness Program

Our Dedicated and well versed staff interacts with both academic and non academic staff, giving demo to inform and educate about the benefits of the services and how it will be helpful to them in their day to day work and how it will help them.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

A CRE is allotted to educational institute who becomes one point of contact from INZ AXIS. The educational institute co-ordinator will interact and when every requirement arises the CRE as just a call away.

24X7 Emergency support (call & email)

The service provided to institutes is 24X7 where in the school representative can reach our backend team at any given eleventh hour for any requirement and assistance.

Data Entry & QC Service

We take care of your complete data entry work, the time spent by administration staff in writing and maintain ledgers is completely evaded, we take up the complete digitization of records. Various aspects like marks card data entry, data entry of students and various other fields everything is taken care with absolute legall aspect and we respect the data shared and have clear rules which ensure there is no violation of privacy of the institute.

Parent Awareness Program

During Parent Teacher meeting, our staff representatives will meet parents and provide them with all the information and education with regard to the service its effectiveness and how it will help them in monitoring their wards.

Marks Cards (CCE/ State/ ICSE/CBSE)

We take care or your complete printing, by providing printed marks cards with your logo’s and the format you want and is delivered to your institution within 72 hours after valuation from academic staff. The marks cards are printed on 100gsm paper in B/W.

Hall Tickets

Hall tickets for Exams are printed and delivered to institute so that the non academic staff can work on various other aspects of the institute.

Consolidated Reports

Provides various types of performance reports in graphical format such as by batch, section, teacher and discipline. We share these reports with management, principal and/ or Head of Department at agreed intervals. This will help teaching community in taking corrective action at the right time.

Certificates (TC, CC, SC)

Certificates will be designed, printed and delivered for the Outgoing Students for which institution will provide the stationary. The certificates are Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate & Study Certificate.

Performance Analysis

Individual performance analysis with graphical representation on various parameters will be provided for both the students and the academic staff which will help management in understanding the details of performance and helping in taking counter measure to improve the same.

Customized Reports

Plethora of customized reports are provided depending on the ongoing requirement from Insititute some e.g RTE students details, Students details on Caste. These help the institutes in saving time as they don’t have search the big register to search for data and provide. Its at just a click our Backend team will provide customized reports which will help institute to reply the information as asked by either management or by Government bodies.

Staff performance

The numbers say it all, we help institute management in providing reports on academic staff the classes and subjects which they are handling and what is the performance of the said class, has the scoring increased or how good the students are attending classes all these help management to inform the academic staff and to help them improving which ensures good results.

Real Time attendance tracking report

Reports of attendance, when the message was sent to parents informing about their ward absent, was the message delivered or is it the wrong number if not delivered the reason all these are provided, which gives non academic staff clarity when parents come back and complain they were not informed. These reports show and are authenticated proof to provide details to parents.

Class & Subject Performance

All detail reports which are classes wise, section wise, subject wise performance, where the short comings is happening all these are just a click away.

Attendance (Shortage & Consolidated reports)

Shortage of attendance and various other reports which give complete clarity on information of individual student about its attendance and also informing the parents of the same, as we have seen problems brewing specially when hall ticket is not issued to student, then parents realize and start blame game with institute.

Individual students Info

Complete details of individual student is recorded and data entered to provide absolute clarity.

Reports on Demand

The institute is authorized to ask reports on demand as and when the need and requirement arises.
INZ Axis/OPTRA has implemented adequate measures to safe guard the data including the privacy of various users.
  • All information stored in the database is encrypted.
  • Clean Desk Policy – Unnecessary papers are not allowed on the desk and post processing the confidential information is put under safe custody or destroyed.
  • Information is available only on "NEED to KNOW" basis.
  • Confidential Information is not accessible to all employees and will be available only to staff above certain designation.
  • Key information such as mobile numbers and address is MASKED and "partially visible" even to your staff members.
  • After publishing, the information gets locked automatically and cannot be modified without the permission from the "Head of the Institution".